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 JAM & ALL was founded in response to the events of 9/11 by a holocaust survivor and an Imam. They believed it was important to get  Muslims and Jews together to get to know one another and understand each other's traditions. So they formed a group called JAM - Jews and Muslims. Very soon after, people of other faiths wanted to become involved, too, so the organization changed its name to JAM & ALL. 

Throughout its history, JAM & All has sponsored and hosted a variety of programs designed to bring people together through dialogue. One such program was the women´s living room dialogues, in which women had opportunities, in a safe, intimate setting, to ask questions of each other about their faith traditions. This program lasted 7 years, and gave birth to the  Peaceful Pairings program. This involved two congregations--one Jewish, one Muslim that met monthly to study a curriculum called "The Children of Abraham." Through this program, people learned that they had much in common on a human level. Peaceful Pairings eventually became what is now our Interfaith Cafe Meetups--monthly gatherings of people from many faith traditions, to discuss topics of interest to all. 

Other JAM & All initiatives have included the creation of an accredited college course, the organization of conferences at Nova University, social events such as interfaith family picnics, film viewing and discussions, and hosting and coordinating student exchanges. 

 JAM & ALL Interfaith, Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to fostering understanding, social harmony, and peace through dialogue, multicultural interaction and educational projects.  

JAM & ALL Interfaith supports dialogue in the community through monthly Interfaith Cafe meetups, town hall meetings, youth activities, and other special events. All are welcome to come join the conversation at any of our upcoming events. 

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